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Person of the Therapist Moment: Extinguishing Procrastination

I would like to share a "person of the therapist moment" with you. For the purposes of the “Abundance Blog”, "Person of the Therapist Moments" will highlight some of my personal journey moments for the growth and empowerment of my readers.

In this "person of the therapist moment", I will be sharing some insights and plans through which I extinguish procrastination. Join with me, and if this fits, try some of the strategies that I outline below. Let’s put this “Doing” to practice!

The doing is in the planning:

I'm a visionary and doer, I get energized by new projects...and nothing deflates that energy like a good ole’ planning session, held weeks or months ahead of the "doing date". Thinking back, I believe that my feelings about planning were birthed out of years of enjoying the adrenaline rush of executing anything that usually takes weeks or months to prepare, with days of pre-launch work. This practice was then compounded by the consistent positive reinforcement of doing well on the various assignments and projects.

Procrastination...It has hidden itself in the excitement and energy of last minute miracle working.

I want to be as excited about the planning as I am about the vision…as I am about the doing, but I know if I keep up this pattern, I will continue to be deflated by the planning and energized by the last minute doing.

So, I am taking these steps:

  • Shift my thinking:

  • I must excite myself about the planning; make it as important or more important than the doing. To do this is must underscore the necessity of planning, and its foundational role.

  • I will change the narrative that I have about planning: planning is not boring, it is not for the stiff and rigid. Planning is for the well prepared. There is still a space for spontaneity, but excellence requires planning!

  • Practice:

  • Even in the small things of life, I will practice planning beforehand, so that planning becomes a part of my everyday life ritual.

  • I will write to do lists...and let them be my actual to do list for the day, no ignoring them, forgetting them, shooting from the hip instead of using them

  • Pray:

  • I will seek the Lord for guidance, let God guide my to do list. Prayer, listening, and doing what I heard will ensure the efficiency of my doing. It will ensure the full uses of my gifts for the day that the Lord has made.

Excellence is in the planning!

I would love to hear what your steps of excellence are. How do you extinguish procrastination?

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