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Connection matters...

We can ‪‎Generate Abundance‬ through the quality of our connections.

No meeting is by happenstance, we connect for a reason. When we join with another, be it in partnership, agreement, or assignment, we join with what they bring to our environment. As connections impact us holistically: spirit, mind, and body, they can help to propel us forward, stagnate us, or move us backward.

The key to generating an abundant connection is understanding the ‪purpose‬ for that connection.

Ask yourself a few questions:

What available and accessible gifts, skills, abilities, resources and networks do I have that can benefit this person/group/entity? (Seeking to give before seeking to receive always put you in the abundance mindset.)

What is a feasible way to incorporate this connection into my life? (Time, emotional capital, etc.)

Is there a foreseeable time stamp on this connection? (This one is harder, because we often cannot see how long a connection is to be incorporated into our journey. However, when you see a date stamp, recognize it and hold to it.)

How can this connection benefit, further, hinder my journey?

Now, let's say you have already made the connection, an honest assessment is still valuable. You can do this periodically.

Take a step back, and see:

With whom are you joined?

What is their role in your life?

What is your role in their life?

What is the fruit of the connection?

What impact has the connection had on your journey?

Do you want to change this connection? If so, how?

What can you learn from this connection?

Connection matters...

How are your ‪#‎connections‬ driving your ‪#‎Abundance‬?

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