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Abundance Has Many Forms

Here are Some Way I Can Help You to


Generate Abundance in Your Life!

Therapeutic Healing


Some of the areas of healing and growth that I work with my clients on, are:

Couple's Therapy

Healing from Depression

Reducing Anxiety

Navigating Life Transitions

Journeying Through Adolescence

Family Therapy

Abundant Living with Mental Illness

Improving Your Social Life and Interpersonal Experiences

Growing Through Grief and Loss

Navigating Childhood

Goal Setting and Realizing Those Goals


Abundant Living Coach



You can have the abundant life, relationships, and experiences that you desire! I will work with you to develop executable systems to reach your Abundance Goals. We will work together to discover your innate ability to Generate Abundance in every area of your life, through discovering your unique equation for abundant, holistic health.


Some of the areas that I assist my clients with, include:

Holistic Healing Consultation

Growing Generative Relationships

Creating and Maintaining Healthy Balance

Financial Growth and Health

Legacy Building

Finding Your Personal Style

Awakening Your Creativity

Natural Health Solutions and Lifestyle Changes

Life Mission and Vision Watering

Living Life to the Fullest


Vision Consultant

As an entrepreneur, small business owner, founder of a nonprofit, or programmer, there can be times when the stressors of starting something great can get in the way of your creativity and vision.


That’s where I come in. Let me help you to move past the hurdles that beset many who venture to make a difference.


I will come alongside you to help you to:


Visualize and actualize creative programming that suits your target audience


Develop relevant curriculum for those you serve


Be the spark of innovation that your business needs to increase your revenue and effective reach


Get back to your vision and mission statements in new ways


Assist you with product ideas and development to help you be the change you want to see


Motivational Speaking and Workshop Facilitation


As a speaker, facilitator, group leader, mentor, and healer it has been my pleasure to spark both motivation and movement in my audiences.


I believe that the best motivation quickens the spirit, stirs the soul, awakens the mind, warms the heart, and moves the body into action. I bring more than motivation to my audiences, I bring tailor made action items, seeds of healing, and words of wisdom.


As a speaker, facilitator, and groupI have spoken to audiences that range from youth in South Africa, to women conference attendees, to groups of professionals and entrepreneurs.


Let me inspire you to Abundance.





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